Top Reasons To Become A Member Of Dolls And Roses VIP Section

One of the things that we really value here at Dolls and Roses, then it is our relationship with our clients. We always strive to enhance that relationship, and make you feel that you’re valued and treasured, even as you seek to remain anonymous. One of the ways we do this is by offering you a chance to become a VIP member so that you are at the top of the pecking order. By becoming a VIP member, you’re instantly catapulted to the top; you get exclusive and unlimited access to our very best escorts, latest photos, and exclusive access to them as and when you wish to, plus so much more. You don’t have to compete with other ordinary clients to secure a meet up with the best girls; a VIP member’s request always takes priority over all the others.

Ø  As a VIP member, you’ll have exclusive access to the best escorts from Dolls and Roses. These ladies are well preserved and hidden at the VIP section.

Ø  You also get to check out their latest photo uploads, something that ordinary members can’t do.

Ø  You will get handsome discounts especially when it comes to international travel bookings.

Ø  While it is common to have escorts get their faces blurred or head hidden, VIP members are always able to see the lady’s entire face and features.

Ø  VIP membership will also offer you real time live chats with your escort of choice. If you are in a different country or city and wish the escort to come over, these live chats are ideal for helping build the rapport and chemistry between you.

Dolls and Roses is one of the most reputable, respected escort agencies in London; we have built our reputation on ensuring that our clients get value for their money, and that out girls are the best. Aside from the ordinary pool of escorts, we have a select few that are VIP escorts. Often, these are young and extremely attractively young girls who wish to offer exclusive companionship to just one deserving guy. They are never so interested in showing off their looks; they know they are hot and irresistible. Some are graduates from local universities and colleges, others are professionals with day time jobs but offering escort services part time. When you become a VIP member at Dolls and Roses, you instantly become that lucky, deserving gentleman! You’re able to break the barriers and anonymity between these VIP goddesses, and yourself.

If there’s anything we can guarantee you, it’s that the girls you’ll access as a VIP member are some of the most beautiful, sexiest high class girls that London has to offer. Get to checkout their latest and naughtiest photos, leave your likes, and if the desire is alive in you, go ahead and contact them for good moments! Contact us today for details on how to become a VIP member; it’s easy, it’s affordable and best of all, it’s really worth it!